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Having a Will is always ideal. Wills are meant to help your family members know what you desire to do with your assets, children, debt, and whom you want to be responsible of your Estate prior to your passing. A Will that lays out your wishes will lessen conflict and...


DivorceThe Decision A divorce is a hard decision despite the circumstances. Many emotions interplay when a divorce is mentioned or commenced like Anger, Disbelief, Relief, Sadness, but most of all Stress.  When marriages no longer work, there are many types of...

Being a Paralegal

LEGAL SYSTEM What is a Paralegal and what is their role in the legal system? A Paralegal is an individual who is highly trained in the law in different aspects. TASKS AND DUTIES What are some of the tasks/duties that a Paralegal does? A Paralegal handles a multitude...

What is No-Fault Insurance?

Many people don’t truly understand the nuances of what No-Fault insurance really is or what it consists of. If a person has been involved in a Motor vehicle accident, whether a pedestrian, driver or passenger they are entitled to these benefits up to  $50,000.00....

ALERT: Avoid Immigration Fraud

Don’t become a victim of immigration fraud by following these simple tips. In the State of New York, Immigration Service Providers must: 1) Must post a Bond with the State (they should also give you this information) 2) Provide their clients with an Immigration...

Some Don’ts on Document Translations

Translating any Document whether it’s a Legal, Medical or Technical document requires some expertise or knowledge base on the specific language



We are Certified Paralegals NOT Attorneys or a Law Firm. We cannot give legal advice or provide legal representation in court. We cannot create an attorney-client relationship. All document preparation is for individuals that are Pro-Se litigants. Prices do not include court costs.

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